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"Dedicating this novel to all who’ve suffered from the various types of bullying. Please do not internalize your emotional anxiety. Ensure to report any mistreatment and seek counseling early to reduce possible psychological trauma."

 Karman A Novel

-Chapter 1-

An Early Morning Murder

       The moon was full, the sky was partly cloudy, and the wind was calm. The traffic lights were blinking a combination of yellow and red; indicating traffic flow was extremely light. The streetlights were shining bright, casting a vibrant, orange glow throughout the city limits. This illuminous glow made the buildings resemble that of black silhouettes as they all faded into the background with only a few office lights still on. The downtown area of Annapolis appeared abandoned as there were no signs of human life anywhere. At the corner of one street, a marque at United Bank displayed the weather at 65 degrees. It then blinked and displayed the time which read 4:37 am. Mysteriously, a moaning yawn within a chilling breeze suddenly began to maneuver between the buildings and through alley ways, as if it were seeking something…or someone.

New Novel Concept

N.J.Porter is currently working on new concepts, after. releasing his last Novel "Karman". Please feel free to purchase Karman as Mr.Porter finishes his creative process.

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